I studied clinical psychology in the Netherlands at Groningen en Utrecht public Universities. I did my internship in Italy in the  ‘democratic psychiatry’. My expertise is in psychology as well as psychiatry, more specifically in the following fields:

  • therapy for patients with brain damage
  • psychological consultancy in child services
  • diagnosis and treatment of the criminally insane
  • general short-term and long-term psychotherapy
  • therapy for people who have left behind a beliefsystem, an overwhelming group, a cult, or some combination of these
  • therapy for victims of abuse and neglect
  • therapy for individuals and couples with high levels of conflict, aggression and/or lack of self control
  • Support for FMS family members and/or for (possible) retractors

I have a number of years of experience in a specialised clinic for long term psychotherapy as the Head of Education for psychologists in training for their post-Master degree as a Mental Health Psychologist (the Dutch license for registration in the National Health Care Professionals Register, called the BIG-register).

As a therapist I am a practical, down to earth person applying evidence-based cognitive behavioral techniques. I have also acquired knowledge and experience in a range of other evidence based methods, including cognitive processing therapy which is a neutral, future-oriented and evidence based  intervention for people who struggle to come to terms with a traumatic experience..